Capturing healthcare insurance card data wastes a huge amount of time and money because it’s never been effectively automated—until now.

Decoderize is the fastest, best, and most cost-effective insurance card Optical Character Recognition API on the planet.

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The Problem

Manually Entering Healthcare Insurance Card Data Is A Huge Hassle


Often wrong about what plan they have and/or where to find the right information on their card (they pick the wrong info or enter with typos)

Administrative Staff

Waste significant time manually deciphering and inputting insurance information from photos and make multiple calls ahead of an appointment to ensure the insurance information is valid


It Has Never Been Automated Before Because Healthcare Insurance Cards Don’t Have a Standard Format

Unlike other documents like Driver’s Licenses, Credit Cards and Passports, no two healthcare insurance cards are the same, hindering previous efforts to automate their reading with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

example of 2 insurance cards (scheme) with different format
an example of an insurance cards with one formatan example of an insurance cards with different format
The Solution

We Solved This Complex Riddle with Awesome AI

Decoderize uses computer vision and deep learning to finally provide Optical Character Recognition for healthcare insurance cards.

How It Works
Use our JSON-based API

to read the front photo of a patient’s insurance card

Real-Time Digitization

In real-time, our AI model recognizes different types of medical insurance cards and returns relevant information from the card, such as:

carrier and health plan name
patient name and birthdate
member ID and group ID
RxBin, RxGRP and RxPCN
carrier specific info (like
enrollment code, BCBS code, etc.)
 "patient": {
   "firstName": "Jim",
   "middleName": "",
   "lastName": "Smith",
   "dateOfBirth": ""
 "organization": "KAISER PERMANENTE",
 "memberId": "1151346",
 "groupId": "06461-300",
 "effectiveDate": "",
 "prescriptions": {
   "RxBIN": "011222",
   "RxPCN": "GACMS",
   "RxGRP": "GA"
 "carrierSpecific": {},
 "healthPlan": "GEORGIA REGION HMO"
It’s Simple But Powerful…

Decoderize Supports 30+ Carriers Out of The Box -
And It’s Easy to Add New Ones!

aetnaCareFirst Blue Cross Blue ShieldAARP EmblemHealthAmbetterEmpire Blue Cross Blue ShieldBlue Shield of CaliforniaUS Health GroupSambaSierra Health and LifeWellcareMedicareUnitedHealthcareSharp Health PlanSharp Health PlanPeach State Health PlanProminence Health PlanMeritain HealthHorizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New JerseyOscar Health Insurance Co.Independence Blue CrossKaiser PermanenteRegence Blue Cross Blue ShieldHumanaHealth Plan of NevadaGEHACignaAmeriGroupBlue Cross Blue ShieldBlue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

Extremely Scalable and Secure Infrastructure

Built by healthcare technology veterans, Decoderize is fully HIPAA-compliant and easy to scale to millions of simultaneous requests (and across all tech stacks and enterprises).

It’s a perfect plug-in

for EHRs, revenue cycle platforms, patient payment technologies, intake platforms and more!

insurance card information to decoderize to EHR scheme

Still don’t believe us? Try it now!

Simply upload a picture of an insurance card to see how Decoderize automates the reading of the image.

Ready to automate the way you capture healthcare insurance card data and start saving serious time and money?

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